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Board Elections 2022/2023

Anne Biason-Hart – President, Executive Vice President, VP Outreach

headshot Anne.jpg


Hey everyone :) I'm Anne, and I am running to be the Carleton Musical Theatre Society's President! I am in my fourth year of the BGInS program here at Carleton, and I have been a part of CMTS since week one of first year. In first year, I was lucky enough to be part of a nine-person cast and crew who put together a funny little love note to musicals everywhere, title of show. I have been a Drama Kid all my life, and have participated in the world of theatre as an actress, director, writer, events coordinator, assistant stage manager, and most importantly, audience member. I know what it takes to be part of it all, and I know what makes a show happen. I’ve been there for the electricity of the in-person show, and the live audience laughs and cheers. I've seen both the fun and the stress of running behind at rehearsals, trying to stay on track, and forgotten lines turned to improvised masterpieces. Like everyone else, I miss the pre-show butterflies, the rush of a perfectly pulled-off opening number, the first successful joke of the night, and the tears of the final bow. After a year of being in our rooms at home, and another year of only a few in-person classes, I want to bring the music back to Carleton in a safe, accessible, and fun way. As President, I will do the work to bring in-person CMTS back to life after two years of operating online!


Vice president: 

Hello hello :) I’m Anne, and I am running for the role of Vice President at CMTS! I’m a fourth year BGIns student, and I have been part of CMTS since my first year back in 2019! I was part of the first semester musical called title of show where I played Jeff, and I have been active in online events since COVID started. I’ve grown up as a Drama Kid, playing make believe, acting out my day at the dinner table, and singing constantly. As VP, I’ll do the background work necessary to get CMTS shows back on the Carleton stage and bring music, laughter, tears, and joy back to our stage (and acoustic heaven: the tunnels).  


Hi fellow CMTS peeps :) I’m Anne, and I’m here to run for the VP of Outreach role for the Carleton Musical Theatre Society! As someone who has been almost every type of production role (from actress, to director, to writer, to assistant stage manager), I know what it takes to get a show on the stage, and a large part of that is reaching out to places for venues, equipment, and most importantly, people who ant to be part of it/want to be in the audience! As events coordinator for the BGInS Upper-year Mentorship Program, I’ve learned how to come up with ideas for events, how to communicate info to people who might want to show up, and booking spaces! I’m ready to be part of this team, and to help us all get in-person events off the ground this year. 

Mia Painchaud – President, Executive Producer, VP Finance

mia headshot.jpg

My name is Mia Painchaud and I am a 3rd year Psychology student. 

I believe I would be a great addition to the CMTS board, as I am passionate about musical theatre and am very excited to be part of the theatre community again. 

My relevant experience includes being involved in both an onstage and crew/production team capacity in various community and high school productions prior to COVID-19. Also, I was a member of the external team for the Stigma Ends at CU campaign last year and was a key member in organizing our spring symposium and various other events that were held throughout the year.

Overall, I believe that I am an organized, dependable, and creative individual who would be honoured to have the opportunity to be apart of the CMTS and board and work towards creating a memorable year full of great productions. 

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